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Passion Unleashed

Hey guys,

This is a piece of writing I wrote for an assignment a while ago.
The topic was writing about a past experience, so I thought it’d be pretty fun to write about how my passion for english started 😀

I revised the original writing a little to make it sound a bit better.
Phew, this is the 5th version of my assignment! (before I handed it in, I wrote and rewrote it 4times, and counting today it’s the 5th time).

I really encourage you guys to work hard to push yourselves to get better at what you do 🙂 Doing what you love is fun, but you can only far with a lot of hard work and dedication. Don’t give up or feel disheartened! I used to fail English at school, but then I kept writing and rewriting and got good grades in the end 🙂 Although my writing isn’t at the place I want to be yet, I’m still striving in the hope that someday I’ll get there. The sky’s no longer the limit; the galaxy is. Keep going, okay? 🙂

Ganbatte, ne! (Work hard!)

– Inspiiral

Passion Unleashed

Metaphors and symbolism have always intrigued me. There was something mysterious about them. The more I read, the more I appreciated their role in literature. This appreciation gradually blossomed into newfound inspiration and became the driving force which pushed me to start my own stories and write from my own experience.

Through metaphors I came to see literature in a new light. Analysing metaphors and symbols was like going on a treasure hunt. The writer scattered hidden clues throughout the story, and it was up to me to find and unravel them to find the treasure. Once I’d deciphered every clue and unburied the treasure, I felt an inexpressible joy. It was a secret the writer shared with me, and I had worked hard to find it. This treasure was definitely a defining moment of my life, and literature has never been the same since.

My first encounter with short story writing happened during high school. It was exciting. There was something distinct about it. Writing allowed room for unlimited creativity. With words, I could create any image I wanted. Writers could bring colour and add different dimensions into their writing. I was inspired. It was then that a passion for writing lit in my heart, and just grew and grew to the burning flame it is today.

Telling a story through pen becomes a shared experience rather than a mere anecdote you heard. Through a written story, you are able to see what the storyteller has seen, heard and felt. The story is captured in its complete essence. And to those patient enough to discover it, the story can be bottled away for future use, like a drop of sugar that brings sweetness in a bitter drink.

I may not be able to take away others’ pain, but I wish to bring hope in the midst of it. Writing is not only my passion, but the medium I wish to shine this light of hope through. The fusion of these two passions is what really pushes and propels me as I strive to improve and go beyond the limits; to reach as many and help as many as I possibly can.

My ultimate dream is to instil hope in people’s lives. I hope that through my stories they may find encouragement and support, perhaps even love. My wish is that my story can help re-motivate individuals across the globe and gently push them to continue on. I’d like my stories to empower, inspire and spread hope. Here is a motto I wrote myself… “Find your passion, hold onto it and use it to change the world, one life at a time.” I still hold that motto true to my heart, and it is through writing that I plan to live it out.

I once felt that my writing was inadequate and worthless. It was nothing compared to my English teacher’s or friend’s writing. But then I realised something. If emerging singers like Stan Walker compared themselves to Michael Jackson and held back, then we’d have lost some serious talent in the music industry. Everyone’s style is unique and adds variety to different areas of life. There is no reason for despair. We should never think we are incapable of helping or too small to make a difference. Our abilities are as great as we believe, and our passion as endless as we make. When we just give what we have, people will be able to feel it. A fiery passion draws others like moths to light, and often earns respect. Never let it be said that you are not good enough when you are all that you can be. Because with passion and determination you can do anything.


Why Believe?

Hey guys!

How’d your day go? 😀
My day was super busy today! But it was a good day 🙂 I got the chance to share and have a talk about Jesus to people today. It was so awesome connecting with people. I think the most exciting part of life is well… people. Just interacting, getting to know others and being able to be a part of their life for 10 or 20minutes. It’s a real blessing.

I experienced such joy and after today I realised more than ever how important it is to share my testimony with as many people as I can.

I came from a luke-warm Christian background. There were people around me who believed in God, but they kinda just lived their own lives, except giving grace before meals, and going to church on the odd occasion. They didn’t think much of God, and I guess neither did I. God was just this “big guy” in heaven that I prayed to for help, and when I felt nervous before giving a speech at school – that kind of thing.

It wasn’t until I was 13 that I really came to know Christ. I used to think life was all about getting good grades, being a good citizen and helping others (all of which are important, but not the real purpose of life). I thought, “Surely there must be more to life than this, right?” I felt empty and hollow; like an empty well. I tried filling that hole by doing good things like donating to the needy, working, and meeting up with friends. Nothing worked though. During the next few years I procrastinated quite a bit, and my grades dropped from being good to mediocre. I just didn’t seem to have the motivation anymore. Everything was a bit boring, and all I wanted to do was do my own thing. Until I went to Conference.

Conference was a week-long camp where you learnt about God, spent time in fellowship and stuff. Seriously, I don’t know what it was about the people there… they were humble, kind and had really strong faith… you could literally feel the love of Jesus Christ when they talked to people or patiently answered someone’s questions about Christ. They had the “X-factor”.

Their love for others was so amazing… I wanted to love like them, and rely on God’s energy to love and help others. I’ve helped people using my own energy, but sometimes you run out of energy. Sometimes you become impatient after telling your friend the same advice for the 40th time. Sometimes you feel annoyed, even though you don’t want to, and end up coming across as too forceful. I really wanted to love like Jesus.

That morning we had a talk about finding the treasure of Christ.

“The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field. – Matthew 13:44

I was in awe about this treasure. I spent the next few days talking to people and asking them why they believed and trusted Christ when so much could go wrong. Each person had a different testimony, but all shared the same faith. Although their lives sounded far from perfect and trouble-free, each person seemed content. They were happy. I knew Jesus, they knew Jesus and yet… they were living different lives to me. These ordinary people you see in everyday life, believing in a God with a faith so intense it would continue burning in the thickest storm. They were literally living, breathing examples of people living by faith… genuinely.

I heard about 6 testimonies during that time, but 3 really stuck out to me (pseudonyms are used below for privacy purposes :)).

The first person I talked to was Bob. His heart wasn’t right with God, so asked Him for help. God answered, and through a gradual process was helped. What was interesting though, was that Bob mentioned finding the same ‘treasure’ we heard about that morning. I remember this part of the conversation so distinctively. It went something like this…

Me: “So what if you had a disease that ran in your family? For example diabetes? Would you still believe in God then?”

Bob: “Yes. Because our material possessions (including our body and life here on earth) are worth nothing compared to knowing Christ. It was like the theme verse for the last conference:

What is more, I consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them garbage, that I may gain Christ
-Phil 3:8

Me: (I was intrigued. How can you do that?!! Maybe the disease wasn’t bad enough. I’ll ask him about another disease, I thought.)
 “Okay, what if it was cancer then?”

Bob: “It won’t change anything, I’d still believe in God.”

Me:  (really surprised) “What?!!!! But you’ll be suffering and everything.”

(forgot exactly what he said, but he said something along these lines…
Bob: I’d still have the treasure though. To give you an example, let’s say you found a $1000, but then you lose it. If you got given $100 million, would losing that $1000 matter?”

Me: (thinking)

Bob: “No, it wouldn’t because you’ve still got that $100 million.” The treasure of Christ is so precious it’s worth giving everything up for.


Wow, this was serious stuff. What was this treasure that was so precious? I really wanted to ask, but at the same time wanted to find it naturally myself.

By the next day, I still had no clue what this treasure was, so I asked someone else.

Sam: “My parents divorced when I was young, and my dad was murdered. It wasn’t easy, but God supported me through it all and helped me forgive the murderer. He didn’t want me carrying that burden… He really loves us you know. And I think, no matter what happens in the future, I believe He has my best interests at heart and that He’s got a good plan for me.”

I really didn’t know how to respond to Sam’s testimony. I can’t imagine how it’d feel to go through something like that.

As you may have guessed, I was still pretty much as clueless as before (but fascinated) about this ‘treasure’. I guess you could say I was going on a treasure hunt? Hahaha…

Reninta’s story was a bit different. She was only 19 when she had cancer. It was a rare cancer too, in her nose and throat area. Going through chemotherapy and radiotheraphy was hard for her, but God never left her side. He gave her strength. And a year later, she was completely healed. This is what she said:

“I believed that everything works out for our own good in the end and for us to glorify Him

I believe that it was God giving me the chance to really be a witness that even though I was physically weak; I can be spiritually strong. I think it was a test of faith and strength. God said to me “Reninta, if I took away this from you, will you still worship Me and lift up My name?” I continue to do so and to this day, I am being greatly rewarded.”

For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.”  – 2 Corinthians 4:17


When Reninta finished sharing her testimony, I was breathless… how can someone – so young – go through something like that and stay so optimistic? I remember seeing her around camp and thinking she was such a happy character.  She’s such a strong person… and I think it’s from God. I really admire her courage.  Afterwards I realised… “hey, I want to have that faith too. Who is this God? Why have I never seen this side of Him before?” For the first time, I genuinely wanted to find out who God was, and know Him better.

At conference I saw a new side of God that I’d never felt for myself; a very loving, very caring and patient God. I felt a new unmoving peace in my heart… At first, I still couldn’t trust God with everything; but then after a day, I naturally could… I felt I could trust God with everything. It’s beyond words. It’s not like God took away all my troubles or anything, but he took away the emotional stress and is helping me manage myself. Whatever happens in the future, I know God is by my side and that ultimately He has planned for me to be with Him forever. Nothing can stand in the way of that plan.


Update! :)


So I realised I haven’t actually had a random update for fun, so I thought I’d make one.
Does that sentence make sense? Please excuse the grammar, I’m a bit tired haha.

Anyway, I hope to post up some more writing soon.
Writing takes less time than drawing, I must say, so you might see some writing before any art pops up on this blog 😛

Any suggestions about topics to write about? 😀

– Inspiiral –


Fragile Goods (poem)

Hey guys!
This is another poem I wrote a while ago (not long after the Donut poem).
There’s a deeper meaning behind it all.. can you figure it out? ;D
I’ll post up the deeper meaning on a separate post!
Would you be interested in hearing about it, and also my thoughts when writing this poem? 🙂
Fragile Goods
So sweet
and delicate
so pure
yet fragile
One bite
and you break
one touch
and you melt
I knock on the door
but you don’t
answer my calls
Since that day
you fell
it’s just
not the same
Don’t know
what happened
but on that day you changed
Your scars
and the hurt
the bruise
and the pain
Shut your eyes
but the hurt
just comes
back again
Hurt on
the outside
injured within
Don’t want us
near you
don’t want
us helpin’
You try
helping yourself
you try
so hard, too
But plastic-covered skin
just gives
(a) plastic-covered you
By changing
your looks
and (by) changing
You try
to find hope
you try
to find wealth
Don’t do this,
go back.
Don’t do this,
to yourself!
What you’ve done
won’t work
what you’re doing
won’t help
Months on
nothing’s changed
things have
stayed the same.
You tried all
and lost all
you tried all
with no gain
So lost
in this world
so hurt
it’s no use.
Nothing works
when it happens
what to do
when you lose?
The fall
from the shelf
the knock
and the blows
The climb
back up again
The climb
that was slow
your wrapping
is damaged
your tin foil
half ripped
Your pride
down the drain
in the pits
I still
like your smile,
your face despite
the rips
Cos’ inside
you’re still perfect
you’re chocolate!
Hahaha, what did you think of that poem? 😀
Did you like the twist ending?
Possible Improvements:
I know I can work on making it flow better, and perhaps shorten the length.
Suggestions or comments appreciated! 🙂

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Glass Box

Just a new idea that was floating around~
Let me know what you think 🙂

Glass Box

Have you ever felt trapped, enclosed within a cold glass box?

The sides so smooth yet so restrictive, as you lay trapped and helpless in this vacuum.

Your arms hugging your knees that are pressed so tightly against your chest.

The size of this box is excruciatingly small, and the sun outside seems so far away.

If the sun is out at all.

You tap on the glass, testing it for areas of weakness. Can you break through it somehow?

If gentle force doesn’t work, then brutal force will, right? You muster up all your courage and strength before punching the ceiling. Cold liquid covers your hands and you quickly realise that it didn’t work. Not even a chink in the glass. If only you paid more attention in karate class..

Humour quickly drowns in despair as you realise the hopelessness of the situation.”If only you, if only you…”. A life full of regrets, there is still so much you want to do.. but do you have the tools to do it? what if you were a carpenter, but you only had your bare hands to work with? what if you were a builder, but owned no hammer? what if you were a writer but had no pen, an artist with no brush, a photographer but with no camera?

A loneliness so cold and empty it engulfs you.Despair so deep it covers you like a cold, soaking blanket.Uncertainty as dark as a black night sky.

How did you end up here, in this box?Did you not have to climb into it yourself, however unconscious it may have seemed?Did you not have to remain transfixed, and yourself refuse to stand up?What if all you had to do was stand up, and you could be free?What if all you had to do was believe in yourself to solve it all?You begin to move your arms back, and shift your weight onto your lower body.But wait.. what if that was all false hope?You shift your weight back again. It’s comfy in this box. You don’t need to move.What do other people know?

After thinking for a moment, you realise whether you feel like it or not, you need to get out of here. Oxygen will soon run out, fatigue will kick in and you won’t survive if you don’t move.

“Lord, help me. I’m not sure if what I’m doing is right, but help me get out. In Jesus’ name I pray….”

With one heave you stand up. And the box disappears.You find yourself enshrouded by darkness, but a bright light shines from above.

A miracle or your imagination?

You be the judge.