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Random word doodling~


Word doodling – a new word I invented! What was it.. there was a language term for it but I forgot T.T wait.. NEOLOGISM! that’s the word (why use short words, when u can use longer ones that make you sound so smart and cool? :D) Anyway, word doodling! Like doodling a picture by hand, but with your mind! πŸ˜› (a random splash of ideas). Righteo. The cold wind sweeps under my arm like dust under a broom, creeping into every crevice it could find. Okay, I’m done. Want to sleep off my flu. See ya later!


Author: inspiiral

Sharing my splash of ideas :)

2 thoughts on “Random word doodling~

  1. Eeeek this one gives me the chills. xD
    Nice idea though. πŸ˜€ Wordoodling heheheh
    I hope you get well from your flu soon. :O

    • hahaha, thanks πŸ˜›
      That’s what you get from staying up at 4am xD
      I was describing the wind blowing in from random crevices @@
      It was cooollldddd//

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