– a collision of art and writing interlocking in spirals



Both my hands
full of sand
swinging to and fro

Others’ hands
holding tools
lots to do, I know

Busy people
busy lives
who’re we living for?

Time is gone
loved ones die
wealth in hands
but poor

To the friend(s) who’ve already read this poem, if you’ve noticed I haven’t re-edited this, please be patient!
I will do so after I figure out how to go about it.. I was a bit stuck on trying to keep the original meaning of the poem, but still changing it enough to improve it. (I’ll get there P:)


Author: inspiiral

Sharing my splash of ideas :)

2 thoughts on “Sandtimer

  1. So melancholy :O (sorry I thought I posted this comment days ago but I must not have clicked the post button lol)

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