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Song: “Lead me to the cross”
By: Hillsong

There is something personal and mysterious about this song.. it’s as though there’s a silent peace flowing within the lyrics, and, like water in a river, the peace can flow slowly from the words into the depths of my soul. It’s like a close encounter with Jesus Christ, and this peace fills me with such strength that suddenly all the hardships seem to disappear and what’s left is just pure peace.

The peace is indescribable.. like steam from a hot spring, slowly filling up a room until you can see nothing but steam. Steam not too overpowering, as you can still see through it but enough to refreshen your mind, and bring new insight. Not a cloud of smoke from a fire; that would choke. No, more like a way of relaxation, as welcoming as a massage or bubble bath on a long, long winter’s day…

The way I see it is: the singer wants a life full of purpose and meaning. Throughout the song, she’s asking God to lead her to salvation (“lead me to the cross”), and help her live a fuller life. 

What do you think the song means?


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