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Glass Box

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Just a new idea that was floating around~
Let me know what you think 🙂

Glass Box

Have you ever felt trapped, enclosed within a cold glass box?

The sides so smooth yet so restrictive, as you lay trapped and helpless in this vacuum.

Your arms hugging your knees that are pressed so tightly against your chest.

The size of this box is excruciatingly small, and the sun outside seems so far away.

If the sun is out at all.

You tap on the glass, testing it for areas of weakness. Can you break through it somehow?

If gentle force doesn’t work, then brutal force will, right? You muster up all your courage and strength before punching the ceiling. Cold liquid covers your hands and you quickly realise that it didn’t work. Not even a chink in the glass. If only you paid more attention in karate class..

Humour quickly drowns in despair as you realise the hopelessness of the situation.”If only you, if only you…”. A life full of regrets, there is still so much you want to do.. but do you have the tools to do it? what if you were a carpenter, but you only had your bare hands to work with? what if you were a builder, but owned no hammer? what if you were a writer but had no pen, an artist with no brush, a photographer but with no camera?

A loneliness so cold and empty it engulfs you.Despair so deep it covers you like a cold, soaking blanket.Uncertainty as dark as a black night sky.

How did you end up here, in this box?Did you not have to climb into it yourself, however unconscious it may have seemed?Did you not have to remain transfixed, and yourself refuse to stand up?What if all you had to do was stand up, and you could be free?What if all you had to do was believe in yourself to solve it all?You begin to move your arms back, and shift your weight onto your lower body.But wait.. what if that was all false hope?You shift your weight back again. It’s comfy in this box. You don’t need to move.What do other people know?

After thinking for a moment, you realise whether you feel like it or not, you need to get out of here. Oxygen will soon run out, fatigue will kick in and you won’t survive if you don’t move.

“Lord, help me. I’m not sure if what I’m doing is right, but help me get out. In Jesus’ name I pray….”

With one heave you stand up. And the box disappears.You find yourself enshrouded by darkness, but a bright light shines from above.

A miracle or your imagination?

You be the judge.


Author: inspiiral

Sharing my splash of ideas :)

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