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Fragile Goods (poem)


Hey guys!
This is another poem I wrote a while ago (not long after the Donut poem).
There’s a deeper meaning behind it all.. can you figure it out? ;D
I’ll post up the deeper meaning on a separate post!
Would you be interested in hearing about it, and also my thoughts when writing this poem? 🙂
Fragile Goods
So sweet
and delicate
so pure
yet fragile
One bite
and you break
one touch
and you melt
I knock on the door
but you don’t
answer my calls
Since that day
you fell
it’s just
not the same
Don’t know
what happened
but on that day you changed
Your scars
and the hurt
the bruise
and the pain
Shut your eyes
but the hurt
just comes
back again
Hurt on
the outside
injured within
Don’t want us
near you
don’t want
us helpin’
You try
helping yourself
you try
so hard, too
But plastic-covered skin
just gives
(a) plastic-covered you
By changing
your looks
and (by) changing
You try
to find hope
you try
to find wealth
Don’t do this,
go back.
Don’t do this,
to yourself!
What you’ve done
won’t work
what you’re doing
won’t help
Months on
nothing’s changed
things have
stayed the same.
You tried all
and lost all
you tried all
with no gain
So lost
in this world
so hurt
it’s no use.
Nothing works
when it happens
what to do
when you lose?
The fall
from the shelf
the knock
and the blows
The climb
back up again
The climb
that was slow
your wrapping
is damaged
your tin foil
half ripped
Your pride
down the drain
in the pits
I still
like your smile,
your face despite
the rips
Cos’ inside
you’re still perfect
you’re chocolate!
Hahaha, what did you think of that poem? 😀
Did you like the twist ending?
Possible Improvements:
I know I can work on making it flow better, and perhaps shorten the length.
Suggestions or comments appreciated! 🙂

Author: inspiiral

Sharing my splash of ideas :)

4 thoughts on “Fragile Goods (poem)

  1. nice twist! I can’t relate some of the paragraphs with the ending though, perhaps post up what you were thinking? 😛

    • thanks! 😛
      Hmm, I was thinking of writing something like the donut poem (not sure if you’ve read it), where the food represents something else. Except in this poem, I wanted the the food to be a surprise, so you don’t find out till the end. I was trying to hide the food by making the poem sound like it was about people, possibly a break-up or a girl with self-image issues 😛

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