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Passion Unleashed


Hey guys,

This is a piece of writing I wrote for an assignment a while ago.
The topic was writing about a past experience, so I thought it’d be pretty fun to write about how my passion for english started 😀

I revised the original writing a little to make it sound a bit better.
Phew, this is the 5th version of my assignment! (before I handed it in, I wrote and rewrote it 4times, and counting today it’s the 5th time).

I really encourage you guys to work hard to push yourselves to get better at what you do 🙂 Doing what you love is fun, but you can only far with a lot of hard work and dedication. Don’t give up or feel disheartened! I used to fail English at school, but then I kept writing and rewriting and got good grades in the end 🙂 Although my writing isn’t at the place I want to be yet, I’m still striving in the hope that someday I’ll get there. The sky’s no longer the limit; the galaxy is. Keep going, okay? 🙂

Ganbatte, ne! (Work hard!)

– Inspiiral

Passion Unleashed

Metaphors and symbolism have always intrigued me. There was something mysterious about them. The more I read, the more I appreciated their role in literature. This appreciation gradually blossomed into newfound inspiration and became the driving force which pushed me to start my own stories and write from my own experience.

Through metaphors I came to see literature in a new light. Analysing metaphors and symbols was like going on a treasure hunt. The writer scattered hidden clues throughout the story, and it was up to me to find and unravel them to find the treasure. Once I’d deciphered every clue and unburied the treasure, I felt an inexpressible joy. It was a secret the writer shared with me, and I had worked hard to find it. This treasure was definitely a defining moment of my life, and literature has never been the same since.

My first encounter with short story writing happened during high school. It was exciting. There was something distinct about it. Writing allowed room for unlimited creativity. With words, I could create any image I wanted. Writers could bring colour and add different dimensions into their writing. I was inspired. It was then that a passion for writing lit in my heart, and just grew and grew to the burning flame it is today.

Telling a story through pen becomes a shared experience rather than a mere anecdote you heard. Through a written story, you are able to see what the storyteller has seen, heard and felt. The story is captured in its complete essence. And to those patient enough to discover it, the story can be bottled away for future use, like a drop of sugar that brings sweetness in a bitter drink.

I may not be able to take away others’ pain, but I wish to bring hope in the midst of it. Writing is not only my passion, but the medium I wish to shine this light of hope through. The fusion of these two passions is what really pushes and propels me as I strive to improve and go beyond the limits; to reach as many and help as many as I possibly can.

My ultimate dream is to instil hope in people’s lives. I hope that through my stories they may find encouragement and support, perhaps even love. My wish is that my story can help re-motivate individuals across the globe and gently push them to continue on. I’d like my stories to empower, inspire and spread hope. Here is a motto I wrote myself… “Find your passion, hold onto it and use it to change the world, one life at a time.” I still hold that motto true to my heart, and it is through writing that I plan to live it out.

I once felt that my writing was inadequate and worthless. It was nothing compared to my English teacher’s or friend’s writing. But then I realised something. If emerging singers like Stan Walker compared themselves to Michael Jackson and held back, then we’d have lost some serious talent in the music industry. Everyone’s style is unique and adds variety to different areas of life. There is no reason for despair. We should never think we are incapable of helping or too small to make a difference. Our abilities are as great as we believe, and our passion as endless as we make. When we just give what we have, people will be able to feel it. A fiery passion draws others like moths to light, and often earns respect. Never let it be said that you are not good enough when you are all that you can be. Because with passion and determination you can do anything.


Author: inspiiral

Sharing my splash of ideas :)

4 thoughts on “Passion Unleashed

  1. ” We should never think we are incapable of helping or too small to make a difference. Our abilities are as great as we believe, and our passion as endless as we make. ” awesome, girl. Keep it up. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the post! It’s very inspiring! I have to admit, after reading your blog, My desire for writing grew stronger! But I’m super poor at literature. Oh well, please maintain your passion! And I’m looking forward to your next post!

    • oh wow, that’s so humbling and encouraging!
      I’m glad it inspired you 🙂 don’t worry, I used to fail English and my grammar is still quite fail.. just keep on writing and you’ll get better! 😀 also I heard your writing style reflects what you read; maybe you can try reading more books on how to write? 🙂 I found it quite helpful.

      Thanks for commenting, Lilbowl! I really appreciate it 🙂

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