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Hey guys!

How’s your week going?
Mine’s going alright, been a bit busier than usual 😛 here’s a new (but short) post.
It’s about an idea that popped into my head the other day.

Hope you like it.

– Inspiiral


Confusion is a weird thing. It’s like you’re strapped tight on a merry-go-round – you’re stuck on the ride. At first you’re in joyful oblivion, but sooner or later you start to lose yourself.. dizzyness clouds your head and all you see are colours. You become dazed and everything goes out of focus until the world clouds your head. Fears and dreams mix together to morph from a kaleidoscope into a distorted picture of reality. With no-where to go you’re just…

strapped in for the ride.


Author: inspiiral

Sharing my splash of ideas :)

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