– a collision of art and writing interlocking in spirals


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White streaks of long hair streamed behind the girl’s back as she wandered slowly through the forest; the wind trailing behind her. A soft wind it was; not too chilly, but just enough to cool the face.

A nearby breeze carried tendrils of mist and blew them all around the forest, until mist coloured all the trees in stripes and floated just above the grass. Streaks of sunlight shone through the mist, casting a mystique glow on the grass that was covered with morning dew. The scene was breathe-takingly beautiful.

The girl, face flushed from excitement, looked down at the flowers. She stared at them for a while, before deciding that she’d make daisy chains. Smiling, she bent down to touch the flowers, both hands outreached, ready to pull daisies. As she wrapped her fingers around the stalk, she frowned with confusion.

She got up, and paced around with frustration, jumping up and down on the spot before taking a deep breathe and bending down. Knees on the grass, she once again wrapped her fingers around a stalk. She moved her arms in an upwards jerking motion. Her clenched fists loosened to reveal air.

The flowers had passed through her.


Author: inspiiral

Sharing my splash of ideas :)

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