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At whose own pace?

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Hey ya,

Was just reading through a book, and thought post a quick update 😛
For some reason a song I used to sing in sunday school popped up in my head.
I kept hearing the lyrics in my ears.. “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end” and there was a desire to hear the song again.

I youtubed the song, but couldn’t find the one I used to sing in sunday school.. then I stumbled across this:

It’s quite a slow version, and I almost got so annoyed with the pace that I wanted to close the browser tab. I couldn’t find a better version, so I just kept listening.. and you know what? I realised that sometimes we race too fast in life, we’re at too much of a hurry that we miss what God wants us to focus on. (Before you say “whatt, you only just realised now? I realised that ages ago!” Yes, there’s been countless posts on slowing down and enjoying life, but we all hit that heartfelt moment of realisation at different times and I suppose this is mine.)

Even something as simple as listening to a song – the lyrics may be sung too fast, or the beat pumping away through our eardrums so quickly that we miss the meaning. When a song is slowly spoken out, its meaning becomes clear. We notice things we don’t usually hear, and the singer can communicate through that clear channel without obstructions in the way. The “noise” in music is taken out, and the melody is pure indeed.

Perhaps God wants me to slow down for a moment and just bask in his love. Maybe he wants me to walk with him at his pace, after he’s been running beside me this whole time..

“The steadfast love of the Lord
Never ceases
His mercies never
Come to an end

They are new every morning
New every morning
Great is your faithfulness
O Lord

Great is thy faithfulness, O Lord…
Great is thy faithfulness…”

Please excuse my grammar mistakes 😛
Sometimes it’s nice to be able to write whatever’s on your mind without worrying about grammar or editing everything so it’s polished. So here’s my writing at its most raw form; writing I’m sharing with you.


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