– a collision of art and writing interlocking in spirals

So who are you?

I’m just an ordinary artist/writer who’s been drawing since I was.. about 7, I think?
My family always tells me I was carrying a bucket of felt tips where ever we went out, so I guess I was pretty young.

I discovered my passion for writing only a few years ago, so I’m still pretty new to the whole writing area 😛

During school I was in awe of how intricately authors could weave symbols, metaphors and imagery together to create the perfect picture, and how each picture could paint a story or message to convey. It was a whole new medium of art; one I liked it a lot.

Sometimes when I don’t have a camera on me and I see beautiful scenery, I get out a pen and describe what I see, hear, and touch. A photo may capture the mood and visual aspects of the world, but words do so in a different way. Language brings colour and life to  a scene. It adds texture and can align your viewpoint with the author’s, that you may see from the same eyes. Words may not describe everything, but with enough patience you can get pretty darn close to doing so.

Secrets can be whispered into the reader’s ears through a hidden symbol, found only by the adept and those patient enough to discover it. Words of wisdom can be told through an anecdote, as though the narrator was right there talking in person. Snapshots of imagination may be taken through the camera of the pen, then developed into photos viewable only through the mind of the reader.

I see the world not by sight, but using the medium of words.
Writing is a part of me. It’s the lens through which I view the world.

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