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I’m your man (donut poem)

Hey guys,

this is a poem I wrote a while ago.
It’s based on one of my bookmarks with the cheese family cartoon on it (チーズの家族).
This poem was inspired by the donut character on the bookmark:P

I’m still reworking the poem name, so bear with me while I find a better title.
If you have any name suggestions, just leave them in the comment below 🙂

I’m your man
By: Inspiiral

I am a donut
sweet and round
sprinkled with sugar
I never frown!

Innocent and charming
I twirl around
I may be the best you’ve ever found!

But now you count
your calories
You don’t like any
sugar on me.
“It’s too fatty!
Why not sweetener instead?
Why the topping?
Let’s eat it plain,
like bread!

So here I am
stripped of rainbow coat
my sprinkles, my sugar dust
all gone
oh no.

In the cupboard
I won’t even exist
I’ll just be raw ingredients
not even made yet!

So before you strip me
of my wealth
can I make one request-
just once; for myself?

Make these last days
go nice and slow
that I may enjoy them
before you go

I’ll miss you
but I’ll try to understand
Maybe someday I’ll come back
and once again
I’ll be your man

We’ll enjoy countless
moments together
my sugar coat
and chocolate pebbles
suitable for any weather!

Dipped in icing
from head-to-toe
Fresh from the oven
look at me go~!

Just one bite
and my sweetness
wipe away your tears
and worries
till they’re